So, every so often I get this hankering to start a blog. I am awful at keeping consistent with blogs and I even suck at managing a journal for longer than a month. I think this is because I often have dreams of it becoming something more than a page of me talking about the happenings of my life and interests. This dream is something that has to be worked towards, not something that just happens overnight.

My previous blogs had been about beauty products with some inserts about who I am. I think that if I am to benefit from this blog, or get anything at all out of it, I have to be more honest and open about everything. My life, my interests, and things that I can share with the world. I think I also have to start this without any expectations. No checking to see how many people stumble on my blog, or waiting for some random success story. This is just for me, and for those of you who want to take part in it.

This blog will have journal posts, posts about beauty products I try and feel the need to speak about (because makeup and skincare is probably one of my top five passions), posts about relationships, and a no filter look into my life.

Ready… let’s begin.


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